Programs & Events

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center offers a variety of recurring educational programs and events for adults, families, children, and groups.

Cultural Dance Program

Celebrate the seasonal cycles through prayer, song, and dance with our Cultural Dance Program. Dances connect us to our ancestors, community, and traditions while honoring gifts from our Creator.

They ensure that life continues and connections to the past and future are reinforced. The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is the only place in North America to offer cultural Native American dances every week, year-round. Visit our calendar for upcoming cultural dance performances.

Upcoming Events & Programs

Join us for these upcoming events and programs.

The Counter-Narrative

Our quarterly panel discussion series offers an Indigenous perspective on a variety of topics, including history, culture, current events, and subjects of debate.

Pueblo Book Club

The Pueblo Book Club meets monthly at the Pueblo House north of the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.

Resilience Garden

Cultivate your knowledge and grow your skills by learning the principles of Pueblo agriculture through our Seasons of Growth Learning Series.

A View into the Collection

Gain an exclusive look into the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center’s vault and see works of art and artifacts rarely seen by the public.

Native American Student Art Show

Support our young K–12 Native artists in a juried show and sale, held annually November through December.