In the fall of 2020, the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center launched its beautiful hot air balloon to serve as a proud ambassador for the Cultural Center and the 19 Pueblo communities. It features a unique Pueblo-inspired design and is named “Eyahne On The Horizon”. Eyahne means “Blessing” in Keres. This new balloon is a partnership with Rainbow Ryders, Inc., the Southwest’s premier hot air balloon company. In honor of the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico, Rainbow Ryders chose the N-Number “N19NM” when registering the aircraft with the FAA. Read below for more information about the balloon and a guide to the design elements.

Key Facts

  • Designed by the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center staff
  • Manufactured in Ann Arbor, Michigan, by Cameron Balloons, the world’s largest balloon manufacturer
  • Piloted by Rainbow Ryders
  • The largest ride balloon in New Mexico
  • 86 feet tall by 68 feet wide at the equator
  • Can lift 6,000 pounds, or 12 to 14 passengers, plus the pilot
  • Will fly 200-300 times per year in the Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Los Lunas areas

Guide to design elements:

Click each image below for more info. Click here for a downloadable/printable pdf of the guide to the design elements.

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Balloon Design Meaning of Triangle
in the middle with this design is meant to represent “You”. Always move forward and upward. Grow and be in a good place and be strong in the life you live. Uplift your spirits and the spirits of others. Set goals and rise to the challenge.
clouds in the ipcc balloon design
The steps are another form of clouds. The white coming though is the sunlight making its way through, to shine down on us.
Black triangles on indian pueblo cultural center balloon meaning
The black triangles are clouds, a blessing needed for life and for growth.
Red Triangle meaning in indian Pueblo Cultural Centers hot air balloon
The red triangle is a cloud symbol, the lines descending from the cloud is rain. Blessings from our spirits. Blessing from the heavens to the earth, the very ground we walk upon, bring blessings onto the path we walk and the places were we seed, plant and teach.
Arrow in IPCC's hot air balloon design meaning
The arrow is rooted into the color red, the earth. As are all of our lives and all living things, we are rooted and belong to the earth. The red connects us to our higher spirits. Going upwards into the clouds. The white line in between the red, indicates the spiritual connection between us, earth and the heavens, our ancestors and all our loved ones that have journeyed on ahead of us.
Lifeline in IPCC's hot air balloon meaning
The black and white dashes are symbolic of Lifeline. This is always meant to continue on (infinity). As in life and as in the seasons there is always change. The dashes will connect as it comes back around, as we carry on life and values that have been passed on to us, we will teach what we know to others so that our ways will always live on.
Corn earth ground symbolism in IPCC hot air balloon
the earth/ground is symbolized by the red diamond in the center. Growing from the ground is the Corn (Life). Corn has many values to Pueblo people and many uses. Corn meal which we pray with, and use for different types of food and food prep. The corn husks are used to carry many things in offerings to elders, spirits, for blessings. The corn pollen, used in prayer and to show how life is a journey and how we cycle in life.