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The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and depends on the generosity of donors, members, and volunteers to advance our mission. We exist thanks to our active community of supporters.

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  • Create a living museum exhibiting the history and accomplishments of the Pueblo people of New Mexico.
  • Sustain and expand education programs that teach children about Pueblo culture and core values and connect them with Pueblo traditions.
  • Conserve thousands of works of art and artifacts from great Pueblo artists.
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More than 4,000 artifacts conserved
Developed 10 Educational programs to the greater community
Scholarships for the Traditional Teachings Summer Camp
Pueblo and Native American culture, heritage, and traditions preserved for generations to come

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center offers something for everyone. The Gateway to the 19 Pueblos is the perfect stop during your visit to Albuquerque. It All Starts Here.

Discover the history, culture, and art of the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico.

Museum & Gallery

Watch cultural dances, visit an exhibit opening, or participate in a family-friendly program.

Programs and Events

Formerly known as Pueblo Harvest, the Indian Pueblo Kitchen is centered around Indigenous cuisine education and exploration and carries on our tradition of creative, Native American culinary artistry and Pueblo hospitality



Yes, we are entirely owned and operated by the 19 Pueblo tribes of New Mexico.

No. We do not receive annual funding from casinos or gaming. The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that depends upon charitable donations, memberships, and fundraising events to advance our mission to preserve and perpetuate Pueblo culture.

No, we no longer offer a community service program, however, we do have volunteer and intern programs.

Learn about IPCC’s Bob Chavez Scholarship for the Arts, or other organizations including the American Indian Graduate Center and American Indian College Fund.