Indigenous Wisdom Curriculum Project

The Indigenous Wisdom curriculum project provides teachers with educational plans for K–12 students in New Mexico (download curriculum here) to learn about Pueblo culture and history. The curriculum serves as a counter-narrative to the presentation of the history of New Mexico in schools today.


This Pueblo-based curriculum aims to strengthen the identity of Native American children in New Mexico by providing comprehensive K–12 unit plans on the complex political, social, cultural, and economic history of the Pueblo nations of New Mexico between 1912 and 2012.

Future educational projects for the Indigenous Wisdom curriculum project include updating the curriculum to meet state STEM standards, including science, technology, art, and mathematics. 

Concepts and core values of the curriculum include:

  • Resistance
  • Emancipation
  • Transformation
  • Maintaining cultural integrity of Pueblo people
  • Exercise of sovereignty
  • History of colonizing measures taken by Spain, Mexico, and the United States


The curriculum helps K–12 teachers educate their students about the factors and conditions that shaped key Pueblo relationships:

  • Government-to-government
  • Community-to-community
  • Culture-to-culture
  • Person-to-person
  • Historical periods of turmoil and peaceful coexistence.

This resource provides the state’s schools and teachers with material that enhances self-esteem and identity, encourages ethical discussion, acknowledges concern for others, and incorporates a global perspective.

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