Pueblo Book Club

The Pueblo Book Club at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center meets online once a month. It is dedicated to Native American authors and books about the Pueblo experience. Enjoy lively discussion with facilitator, Jon Ghahate, other participants, and special guests.

What to expect:
*Literature of all kinds, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, more!
*Meet new people in a fun, culturally rich setting
*Gain a better understanding of Native cultures

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  • See the 2022 Pueblo Book Club List below
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Find and Sign up for Upcoming Pueblo Book Club Meetings

2022 Pueblo Book Club List

  • January 11: ‘Acoma: Pueblo in the Sky’ By Ward Allen Minge and Simon Ortiz/Acoma 2000
  • February 8: Cancelled
  • March 8: ‘Song of the Lion: A Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito Novel’ (A Leaphorn and Chee Novel Book 21) By Anne Hillerman (Invited Guest)
  • April 12: ‘Without Reservations: The Cartoons’ By Ricardo Cate (Invited Guest)
  • May 10: ‘Foods of the Southwest Indian Nations’ Native American Recipes By Louis Ellen Frank (Kiowa) (Invited Guest)
  • June 14: ‘In Search of Chaco: New Approaches to an Archeological Enigma (A School for Advanced Research Popular Archeology’ Edited by David Grant Noble
  • July 12: ‘The Last Conquistador: Juan de Onate and the Settling of the Far Southwest (Volume 2) By Marc Simmons (Invited Guest)
  • August 9: ‘The Pueblo Indian Revolt of 1696 and the Franciscan Mission in New Mexico: Letters ofthe Missionaries and Related Documents’ By Manuel Espinosa 1988
  • September 13: ‘Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fate of Human Societies’ By Jared Diamond
  • October 18: ‘Nee Hemish: A History of Jemez Pueblo’ By Joe Sando Jemez 2008
  • November 8: ‘American Indians in World War 1: At War and At Home’ By Thomas A. Britten 1998
  • December 13: ‘The Night Watchman: A Novel’ By Louise Erdrich 2021 Turtle Mountain Chippewa

Watch Recordings of Past Pueblo Book Club Meetings