Resilience Garden

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is home to the Resilience Garden, which is managed using traditional Pueblo farming techniques and features endangered Pueblo crops. Everyone is invited to walk through the garden’s paths to appreciate agriculture in action. The Resilience Garden demonstrates the Pueblo people’s agricultural and culinary traditions, as well as IPCC’s core values of sustainability and stewardship.

Get involved

Want to get your hands dirty and learn about Pueblo agriculture traditions? Check out the following programs:

Seasons of Growth

Seasons of Growth Blue Corn

Cultivate your knowledge. Grow your skills. On the third Sunday of every month from March through October, participants will experience hands-on learning guided by IPCC Cultural Education staff and expert guests. Enjoy a different theme each month as we follow the Earth’s natural cycles according to Pueblo tradition.

Check out our events calendar for the class schedule. Space is limited! Reserve your spot in advance by emailing

Traditional Teachings Camp

Resilience Garden Summer Camp Activity

Learn how our Pueblo ancestors adapted to the region’s high desert climate and how food cultivation relates to nutrition.

Check out our events calendar for camp dates and programs!