Break out your moccasins for a worldwide celebration of Indigenous cultures. Founded right here in New Mexico by Jessica “Jaylyn” Atsye (Laguna), who sought to unite Native American, Aboriginal, First Nations, Alaskan Native, and Indigenous peoples globally by encouraging participants to wear their moccasins and share a photo online with the hashtag #RockyourMocs and tag @indianpueblo.

Follow us on social as we will be posting all week! Watch an interview with #RockYourMocs founder, Jaylyn, a How to Make Moccasins Demo by the Indian Pueblo Store’s Isaac Valenzuela (Acoma/Dine) in the videos and download coloring sheets blow…

Download moccasin coloring two sheet pdfs by Melissa Sanchez (Acoma/Laguna) here and here

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Jessica “Jaylyn” Atsye (Laguna) #RockYourMocs Founder Speaks

Moccasin Making Demonstration by Isaac Valenzuela (Acoma/Navajo)