Curriculum for the Classroom

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and Museum Education are excited to share a high school lesson that is themed around the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 from the Indigenous Wisdom curriculum. The lesson is titled “Creating Movement though Resilience” and was written by Mr. Leroy “Buster” Silva who is from Laguna and Acoma Pueblos. This high school unit has three lessons in Health that meet state standards and provides a wealth of resources on the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. The lessons include the following core values: Love, Respect, Balance, and Service.

Creating Movement though Resilience” also encourages critical thinking and social movement where the students are “learning the significance of running, communication, and resilience.” This unit provides step-by-step procedures, rational, unit goals, worksheets, and historical maps that can be used by teachers in the classroom and/or virtual setting, or parents schooling at home.

Because education perpetuates culture, this curriculum aims to implement Indigenous Knowledge systems in an effort to expand academic forms of understanding to share that Indigenous epistemology can be used to revitalize Pueblo Indian Culture, American Indian Culture and Indigenous culture all in ways that ultimately all communities for many millennia to come”.
Christine Sims lesson info:

Title: First Encounters with Spanish Explorers: A Pueblo Perspective

Unit Area: Social Studies

Grade level: Middle School 6–8