Pueblo Art Collection

At the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, we are the keepers of our heritage. Our collection represents the dynamic and ever-evolving history of Pueblo people, and we work to preserve this heritage and share it with future generations. We’re also dedicated to conserving and curating a collection of invaluable objects from each of the 19 pueblos, and other tribes of the Southwest.

Our collection houses more than 2,500 pieces of pottery, jewelry, textiles, baskets, photographs, prints, paintings, and archaeological artifacts and includes work from master Pueblo artists like Maria Martinez of San Ildefonso Pueblo, Lucy M. Lewis of Acoma Pueblo, Pablita Velarde of Santa Clara Pueblo, Jose Rey Toledo of Jemez Pueblo, and Lee Marmon of Laguna Pueblo. Our world-class collection of historic and contemporary Pueblo pottery includes everything from the black-on-black vessels of San Ildefonso and Santa Clara Pueblos to the fine-line black-on-white jars of Acoma Pueblo to the golden micaceous bean pots of the northern pueblos.

Learn more about our collection in our video series A View Into the Collection. Tune in monthly for a behind the scenes sneak peek of the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center’s Collections with host and Curator of Collections, Amy G. Johnson (Isleta). 

a view into the collection at ipcc