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Pueblo Revolt Anniversary Commemoration

@ In-person and Virtual Thursday 08.10, 2023

The Pueblo Revolt of 1680 was a revolution against Spanish religious, economic, and political institutions imposed upon the Pueblos. It is the only successful Native uprising against a colonizing power in North America, keeping the Spanish out of New Mexico for 12 years and establishing a different power dynamic when the Spanish returned.

The Pueblo Revolt holds great historical significance because it helped ensure the survival of Pueblo cultural traditions, lands, languages, religions, and sovereignty. We will commemorate this important milestone in Pueblo history with in-person and virtual events:

Commemorating the Pueblo Revolt – by Joe Sabatini In-Person Presentations at 11:00AM and 1:00PM Po’Pay Statue, located at the end of IPCC’s permanent exhibit Senior Docent Joe Sabatini explores the history and lasting significance of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680 in a one-hour presentation.

Knotted Cord Demonstration by Brandon Valdo (Acoma Pueblo) 12:00PM Po’Pay Statue, located at the end of IPCC’s permanent exhibit.

Virtual Events: On IPCC’s Website View online: bit.ly/PuebloRevoltOnline

  • The Po’Pay Statues, an interview with sculptor Cliff Fragua
  • The Knotted Cord demonstration
  • Pueblo Revolt Presentation by Jon Ghahate