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Opening Reception: “Grounded: Honoring Our Cultural Ties with Strength and Resilience” and “Birds and Feathers: Their Beauty Within Our Traditions

@ South Gallery Friday 04.21, 2023
05:00 pm - 07:00 pm MDT

The IPCC welcomes two new exhibits to our South Gallery:

Grounded: Honoring Our Cultural Ties With Strength and Resilience

Many of our Native families strive to compete with the western way of surviving. We send our children to schools and colleges outside of our communities with the hopes that they can earn a living to support themselves economically. We want them to return and continue our traditional culture at the same time so that it doesn’t die or fade away. There is a constant battle, so to speak, between the two different survival perspectives that our next generation faces. We continue to stay grounded in the places we live outside of our communities by various means for the future of our Native youth. 

Birds and Feathers: Their Beauty Within Our Traditions

Birds and feathers are an extremely important form of expressing thanks, respect, and honoring Mother Earth. They are seen on our pottery, in our traditional dance clothing and in our homes, representing strength and guidance. This exhibition will be a combination of imagery, pottery and words describing their beauty within the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico.

Admission is free; light refreshments for reception; enter through the South Entrance.