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IPCC’s Family Story Time

@ Children’s Area of Museum Saturday 04.13, 2024
01:00 pm - 02:00 pm MDT

On Saturday, April 13th our book title will be All Our Relatives: Traditional Native American Thoughts about Nature (Available in the Indian Pueblo Store here).

World-renowned artist and author Paul Goble shares stories that remind us of the interdependence of creation and the presence of the Creator in all things. In this book, he’s carefully chosen stories from the olden days and art that meticulously reflects traditional designs and colors to provide wonderful insights into the spiritual life of Native Americans . His intimate knowledge of their world transports the reader into a vision of the sacred beauty and wisdom that defined traditional Native America.

Foreword written by Joe Medicine Crow.

Free admission for children and an adult family member.

A small sample of the skills developed when children attend Story Time sessions:

  • Increases vocabulary and overall brain development. Improves attention, concentration and listening skills.
  • Increases creativity and imaginative thinking.
  • Social and communication skills development and most importantly, it is fun, and children get to spend quality time with an adult who is important to them-YOU!

Contact Monique Silva at [email protected] 505-212-7046