Entrepreneur Complex

Several years ago, our Shareholders and Board presented a vision to develop the historic Albuquerque Indian School campus and turn it into a thriving business and cultural corridor. Imperative to the plan is that the overall campus incorporates and extends Pueblo culture and values. As we continue our journey to build out our 80-acre campus, we are strategically positioned to expand our vision to include and support others in their own pursuit of economic stability and advancement. It is with this in mind that we are developing the Entrepreneur Complex. 

As a result of our community outreach, research, and networking with the business community we know that local resources are not adequate to meet the emerging needs and demands of entrepreneurs. The Complex will be a one-of-a-kind hub with critical spaces, technologies, and resources designed to help Native and local entrepreneurs pursue and achieve economic opportunities. 

Mike Canfield, CEO Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc.

The first phase of the Complex will be oriented to support those in the food and agriculture industries. We will expand what’s available to food and agriculture entrepreneurs to help them better their craft and reach their business goals. We will also apply our reach and resources to grow the types and number of businesses that exist which will actively support and strengthen our local food system. 

We are excited to be building a multifaceted community space where entrepreneurs can create in a way that is inspirational, educational, and sustainable. Throughout the Entrepreneur Complex, we will ensure efficiency and connectedness all while providing expected amenities in modern, technology-rich environments. 

I invite you to read through this material to learn more, but more than that I encourage you to join us as we embark on this journey. IT ALL STARTS HERE! 


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Listen to a recent podcast interview with Entrepreneurial Director, Bill Stimmel about resources and programming available for Indigenous entrepreneurs at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and the Entrepreneur Complex.

Learn more in the Entrepreneur Complex Capital Campaign Brochure