Connected: A Collaborative Dreaming

Showing in the Art Through Struggle Gallery from March 2023 through April 2024

A mural painting created and painted by the Three Sisters Collective, in collaboration with Native young women, and Autumn Dawn Gomez (Taos Pueblo/Comanche) as Lead Artist. This mural will be a daybreak scene with imagery of petroglyphs, the contaminants of fracking, oil in our rivers, the history of Amaranth and the destruction happening to our Mother Earth.

Join Three Sisters Collective as we showcase their collaborative mural, “Connected.”

Our new mural is a piece beyond time, depicting Pueblo people, native plants, and animals, existing on our homelands during phases of peace and colonial alteration and extraction.

Though the land and waters around us change, our practices remain the same. We find connection to our past and future through Nature’s systems of replenishment, purification, survival, and reciprocity.

Three Sisters Collective focuses on art, activism, and empowerment. 3SC is comprised of Pueblo women and youth living in and around O’Ga Poegeh / Santa Fe, NM.

Lead artist- Autumn Dawn Gomez (Taos Pueblo/Comanche)

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