Bob Chavez Scholarship Fund

Thank you for your inquiry about our Bob Chavez Scholarship fundraiser. You can be part of our Center’s mission to preserve and perpetuate Pueblo culture by investing in our youth. To better support the Pueblo leaders of tomorrow, we have established the Bob Chavez Scholarship for the Arts. This scholarship is named in honor of Manuel “Bob” Chavez who dedicated 50 years as a volunteer teaching art at St. Catherine’s Indian School. Many students were able to explore Native arts and feel at home in his classroom. 

Congratulations to the 2023 recipient of the Bob Chavez Scholarship for the Arts!
Aidan Grey (Santa Clara Pueblo)

The Dume Wolverine Foundation contributed $40,000 to the Bob Chavez Scholarship Fund, and with their support, we will be able to keep $5,000 as unrestricted funds and invest the remaining $35,000 within the IPCC investment program.

With the generous $5,000 unrestricted donation received from the Dume Wolverine Foundation, the IPCC is able to continue Mr. Chavez’ legacy of encouragement by offering $2,500 scholarships to two graduating high school seniors each year who are pursuing visual arts in higher education.

The Dume Wolverine Foundation has agreed to let the IPCC match the $5,000 donation to raise a total of $10,000. We will then award $2,500 scholarships two more recipients per year, allowing us to assist a total of four students annually. This money will help offset some of the initial costs of higher education (e.g., books, housing, tuition, supplies).

Will you help our Pueblo/Native youth continue their education in visual arts by helping us match the Dume Wolverine Foundation donation today?