American Indian Week

April 20 – 28
9AM – 5PM in IPCC Courtyard

Daily Artists in the Courtyard

Dances Monday – Friday at 11am, 12pm, 2pm & 3pm

American Indian Week and the Spring Arts Market are two of the most anticipated events here at IPCC. There is something for everyone – during American Indian Week, you can see cultural dances several times daily, take a self-guided tour of our permanent and temporary exhibitions, dine at the Indian Pueblo Kitchen and shop with us at the Indian Pueblo Store. Plus, there are dozens of Native artists you can meet and buy from directly! Just announced: Ricardo Caté and his Comedy Crew will be performing on Thursday, April 25th at 1pm – 2pm in the Courtyard!

See the schedule of dances below.

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APRIL 20 & 21

Over 40 Native American Artists.

Cultural dances both days from 10am – 4pm

The second to last weekend of American Indian week is a must for Native art lovers. More than 40 artists will be on site selling pottery, jewelry, paintings, and other beautiful works of art. Enjoy cultural dance groups hourly.

Free for museum members, or with admission.
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Spring Arts Market Dance Schedule 4/20 and 4/21

10amSky City Buffalo Ram Dancers (Acoma)
11amKallestewa Dance Group (Zuni)
12pmThe Pueblo Dance Group (Laguna, Acoma, Zuni & Hopi)
1pmSky City Buffalo Ram Dancers (Acoma)
2pmKallestewa Dance Group (Zuni)
3pmThe Pueblo Dance Group (Laguna, Acoma, Zuni & Hopi)

American Indian Week Dance Schedule 4/24 – 4/28

4/2211am & 2pmThe Cellicion Traditional Dance Group (Zuni)
4/2212pm & 3pmWhite Mountain Apache Crown Dancers
4/2312pm & 3pmPueblo Dance Group (Laguna, Acoma, Zuni, Hopi)
4/2311am & 2pmKaltonaka Dance Group (Chichimeca Mexica Azteca)
4/2411am & 2pmRyedale Largo Dine Dance Group (Navajo/Apache)
4/2412pm & 3pmSky City Buffalo Ram Dancers (Acoma)
4/2511am & 2pmRydale Largo Diné Dance Group (Navajo/Apache)
4/2512pm & 3pmTlacayolt Dance Group (Chichimeca Mexica Azteca)
4/251pmRicardo Caté (Kewa) and His Comedy Crew
4/2611am & 2pmSky City Buffalo Ram Dancers (Acoma)
4/2612pm & 3pmKallestewa Dance Group (Zuni)
4/2711am & 2pmTlacayolt Dance Group (Chichimeca Mexica Azteca)
4/2712pm & 3pmKallestewa Dance Group (Zuni)
4/2812pm to 3pmAppearances by: Fawn Wood, Northern Cree, Cree Confederation