The Eagle Dance

This mural depicts the reverence and relationship between man and eagle. The eagle is a powerful symbol for Pueblo people, and is thought to be a messenger of the deities. The eagle is a great hunter, and travels far in all directions. Plumed water serpents, an important water symbol, decorate the kilts of the dancers. The soaring, turning dancers mimic the flight, beauty, and strength of the eagle.

The Artist

J.D. Medina lives in Santa Fe with his family, but often returns to Zia Pueblo for dances and feast days. As a boy, he studied under José Rey Toledo, and continued his studies in art at the University of New Mexico. He is equally at home with acrylics, oils, and watercolors, as well as sepia and ink. He comes from a family steeped in art, as his mother and grandmother are both noted potters, and his older brother is well known for his painting.

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