The Fruits of Life

This mural expresses thanks for the animals, birds, and turquoise. Taken together, the two murals complement each other, demonstrating that the Pueblo peoples' religion is personal and all-encompassing, and in harmony with the natural and supernatural worlds.

The Artist

Charles Lovato was widely known for his jewelry before he began to paint. Recognition in this new field came swiftly when he won a major award at the Heard Museum in Phoenix. He lives on his grandfather's land between Santo Domingo and Cochiti Pueblos with his wife, Clara, who fashions prize-winning heishi jewelry. They have five children. Many of his paintings are accompanied by original poems, which further enhance their meaning. He has had many one-man shows, and is represented in galleries in California, Oklahoma, Texas, New York, and New Mexico. He is listed in Who's Who in American Art. Mr. Lovato was one of very few painters at the time from Santo Domingo Pueblo, a conservative Pueblo which has not been known for painting by its members. Mr. Lovato was also a jeweler in the traditional Santo Domingo art of heishi necklaces.

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