Creator’s Gifts

This mural depicts Turtle, who carries Mother Earth on his back, and on its back are many animals, with man to take care of Mother Earth. The Jemez mountains are on the right, and the Sandia mountains are on the left, heading south from Cochiti Pueblo. Many creatures representing clan symbols are found within the image. The mural, which took Dominic three months to complete, has blues and reds underneath the surface, providing added depth.

The Artist

Dominic is a member of Cochiti Pueblo, with a long career in the arts. Growing up in a world steeped in cultural richness, his work reflects the intensity of his tribal heritage. Through his ingenuity, Dominic has created works of art that represent traditional Pueblo and tribal themes, yet present the innovativeness of contemporary pieces. Aside from teaching and lecturing, Dominic has participated in many art shows and exhibits across the country, winning awards and honors since the 1970s. Also, he has been included in various art publications, and has served in prestigious organizations such as the Santa Fe Council for the Arts, and the Native American Artist Association. Dominic truly believes he has been blessed with a gift that he needs to express and share with the rest of the world. He is fortunate to be able to make a living doing what he loves—his work is his life and his life is his work.

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