Makerspace in the 19 Pueblos District

The makerspace at the 19 Pueblos District offers a collaborative work environment for artisans and entrepreneurs in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is part of the Indian Pueblo Opportunity Center (IPOC), an economic development hub on the IPCC campus that nurtures artisans and small-scale farmers in a way that is inspirational, educational, and sustainable.

IPOC combines the efforts of Indian Pueblos Marketing, Inc., which oversees retail, marketing, and property development in the 19 Pueblos District, with the cultural mission of the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center by providing resources for building sustainable businesses for individuals.

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What is a makerspace?

A makerspace is a workspace operated by a community or organization and allows freelancers, artisans, entrepreneurs, and people with common interests to collaborate and work in a shared environment. A makerspace provides an environment to foster creativity and entrepreneurship, and is often home to business incubators and business startup accelerators.

The makerspace at the 19 Pueblos District is designed for artisans to collaboratively create, and will include equipment for woodworking, jewelry-making, and graphic design.