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Seasons of Growth: Corn

@ Virtual Sunday 05.16, 2021
11:00 am - 01:00 pm MDT

Corn has a long legacy in this land as is a staple to the survival of Pueblo Communities. It is interwoven into all aspects of Pueblo life from birth to death, planting to harvesting.  Learn the importance of corn in Pueblo culture as we till and plant corn in our resilience garden and are joined by guest speaker Porter Swentzell, Santa Clara.

Porter Swentzell

Dr. Porter Swentzell is from Santa Clara Pueblo, where he grew up participating in traditional life in his community and developed an interest in language and cultural preservation. He is Chair of Indigenous Liberal Studies at the Institute of American Indian Arts, a Regent for Northern New Mexico College, and serves on the board of the Native American Endowment Fund. Porter holds a Ph.D. in Justice Studies from Arizona State University, a MA in Interdisciplinary Studies with Concentrations in History and Political Science from Western New Mexico University, and a BA in Integrated Studies with an Emphasis in Pueblo Indian Studies from Northern New Mexico College. He lives in Santa Clara Pueblo along with his wife Nicole and three children.