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Shumak'olowa Gifts

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Shumak’olo:wa (Shoe-mu-koh-low-wa)-noun; the Zuni language word for Dragonfly.
These special beings speak to the thunder and clouds to bring moisture and gifts of blessings to the people.

The Dragonfly is represented in all five Pueblo languages:
Da-Wah-ga (Dah-wah-gah) Keresan
P’oetsidéh (Poh-See-Day) Tewa
Tdah-She-Khoda (Tdah-she-coda) Tiwa
Ba’ahwha (Bah-ah-wah) Towa
Shumak’olo:wa (Shoe-mu-koh-low-wa) Zuni

Located at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, Shumak’olo:wa gifts provides a unique shopping experience, offering traditional and contemporary arts and crafts created by artisans from all 19 of New Mexico’s Pueblos. Shop online at

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